About Us

Company Profile

Scouter Engineering Technologies Private Limited ,having the registered trade mark “SCOUTER”, has been formed by Professionals who has got outstanding expertise , commitment and drive to make mutually
profitable advancements, reach new heights in service and deliver real results.

We believe that the measure of our worth is in the results we deliver to our customers. This is why we do not compromise on our service and customer offerings.

We utilize our deep Technological competence and Process knowledge to deliver cutting-edge solutions and services designed to make a real and sustainable
difference to business.

We design,develope ,manufacture and market GLPWAY range of Printers ,GPS Clocks,External Displays and customized automation solutions for pharmaceutical & Food manufacturing Industries.
We also supply reputed brand’s laboratory Instruments such as analytical weighing balances,moisture analyzers,pH Meters,etc.

"Vision Statement"

  • We aspire to be a premium conglomerate,with a clear focus
    on each of our businesses vertical.
  • We innovate meaningful technology solutions to
    businesses and societies to discover their full potential
    and realize their sustainable profitable Growth .

Core Objectives

"Company Beliefs"

Customer first

We exist and prosper only because of the customer.
We will anticipate the changing needs and expectations of
our customers speedily, courteously and effectively.

Quality focus

Quality is the key in delivering value for money to our clients.
We will ensure quality as a driving force in our work, in our products,
Solutions and in our interactions with others.
We will do it ‘First Time Right.’


We bring utmost clarity with ethics in all our interactions
& endeavours with our customers ,vendors and stake holders .
We commit what is doable and deliver what is commited with out
any compromise.

People Management

We adopt self learnt 4 R Priciples in our people management

4 R Priciples

  • Respect:Give Respect to every individual at all times.We will value individual dignity,
    uphold the right to express disagreement and respect the time and efforts of others.
  • Responsibility: Give accountable responsibility with adequate resource
    and guidance to every individuals & teams.
  • Recognize:Recognize every learnings and efforts of every
    individuals & teams .
  • Reward: Reward achievements appropriately.

Good corporate citizenship

As in the past, we will continue to seek long-term success, which is in alignment with the needs of the countries we serve. We will do this without compromising ethical business standards.

Scouter Engineering Technologies Private Limited is a fast growing company with great foot print of client base.
At Scouter , we focus in delivering quality products and services for all requirements of CUstomers.
Our policies and quality of service has earned us a long term relationship with our clients in and around South
India. Our sales team specializes in understanding the requirements and processes the order to your satisfaction.