GPS Clock

The GPS clock system is based on atomic clock technology. Each of the 31 working satellites in the GPS network has a highly-accurate atomic clock built-in. These atomic clocks are synchronized and guided by a single master clock on the ground which is controlled by the United States Naval Observatory.

wireless synchronized master clock system operates on a very basic concept. The Master clock acquires the time and then transmits it wirelessly to the slave clocks that are in the system. Once the transmitter master clock receives a time update, it then transmits the time to any number of secondary slave digital clocks. The digital clocks need only a 240v ac power outlet; they include their own internal battery pack with 5 year life.

Transmission frequency 433.5MHz.
Transmission time < 2 milliseconds
GPS Module GPS-634R.
Antenna Telescopic
Antenna Cable RG217 10 meters.
16×2 Liquid Crystal Display to display RTC at master clock.
Updates network every minute (New joining nodes) within the radius.
Operating voltage is 230VAC.
Synchronized Wireless Slave Clocks :
Description :
Each clock includes a 433 MHz transceiver. The clocks are configured in the field to receive the data from the master clock and update the accurate time. These clocks can cover large areas indoors (up to 500 meter radius), plus any slave clock can be configured to repeat the signal to extend the range even further. The clocks incorporate frequency hopping / spread spectrum (FH/SS) technology coupled with DES data encryption to be sure no one tampers with time transmissions, and are free from interference.

From the customer’s point of view, the best feature is that you will never have to adjust your digital clock again! No buttons to push, no ladders to climb – these clocks, when connected with the GPS antenna, always show accurate time.

4 digit 7 segment 2”/4” LED display to display Hours and Minutes.
LED Color Red or Green
Operating Frequency 433.5MHz
RF Sensibility -106dBm
Modulation mode ASK
Time format 24Hrs
Operating Voltage 230VAC