The FT/IR-4000 and FT/IR-6000 Series of FTIR spectrometers redefine the this powerful, easy-to-use technique. Each compact model offers reliable operation with some of the highest performance parameters in the industry. Including a sealed interferometer with corner-cube mirrors and AccuTrac™ DSP technology for rapid and accurate tracking of mirror position and velocity for optimum wavenumber precision and signal-to-noise performance.

The FTIR Series includes the intuitive Spectra Manager™ Suite with integrated search software solution, KnowItAll® Informatics and database JASCO Edition

FTIR Spectrometers System Features
The interferometer is manufactured as a solid cast aluminum block and is completely sealed. The FT/IR-4000 uses a 45 deg Michelson interferometer and the FT/IR-6000 uses a 28 degree Michelson interferometer. A near frictionless bearing (without the need for a gas supply) supports the moving mirror which is driven by a ‘voice coil’ for accurate vibration free movement. Laser tracking of the moving mirror is made using Accutrac™ with the latest in digital signal processing. The standard KRS-5 windows prevent hygroscopic damage often seen with KBr windows used on some products.

Purgeable Optics
All models include a fully sealed and desiccated interferometer chamber. In addition, an integrated purge for the optical system is included as standard.

Corner-Cube Mirrors
Corner cube mirrors automatically correct for any light path deviation, providing excellent optical stability at all times. Eliminating the need for dynamic alignment.

FT-IR Spectrometers Scanning

Excellent S/N Ratio
The highly stable interferometer with high intensity two-stage light source offers optimum signal-to-noise performance starting at 28,000:1 and up to 55,000:1 (under standardized conditions).

High Sensitivity Electrically Cooled DLaTGS Detector
A highly sensitive and stable DLATGS detector is standard for all instruments. The DLATGS detector element is temperature-controlled using the Peltier effect.

Additional Detectors
Many optional detectors cover the range from 25,000 to 5 cm-1 and include several LN2 cooled MCT detectors for wide, narrow and mid band, Other include SiPD, InGaAs, Bolometer, etc.

Wavenumber Extension
The working range can be extended from the visible to far-IR by switching various optical components, such as source, windows, beam splitter and detector.

Vibration-Free Optical Bench
A specially designed vibration-proof mounting of the optical bench completely eliminates interference from external vibrations.

GxP Support
For laboratories compliant with GxP regulations, an instrument validation routine is provided as standard to verify instrument performance compliant with ASTM, EP, and JP procedures.

Microscope/IR Imaging
The IRT-1000, 5000 or 7000 infrared microscope models can be easily interfaced to any FT/IR-4000 or FT/IR-6000 instrument