Automatic Weight Variation Testing Systems

Quality control tests examining the weight variation in tablets, pills or capsules are essential to ensure consistency of the dosage of the active pharmaceutical ingredient. An XPR analytical balance with the SQC balance software and the LV12 automatic feeder, is a powerful standalone solution to evaluate the uniformity of dosage units by weight variation.

Statistical quality control techniques such as fill control, check weighing and weight variation help ensure consumer safety and regulatory compliance. In the case of pharmaceutical products (tablets, pills and capsules etc.), the weight must not exceed the upper tolerance limit to prevent consumers from taking too high a dose of the active ingredient, which could have serious consequences. Equally, the weight cannot be too low otherwise the drug may not be effective. The weight variation statistical quality control test is used to confirm uniformity of the dosage unit.
Carry out your Statistical Quality Control with the XPR-SQC system and benefit from
• Regulatory compliance
• Optimized production processes
• Increased efficiency
• Reduced costs, and
• Traceable documentation