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Ensure Compliance & Document Results

The one & Only Printer with Date & Time Audit trial function.


The GLPWAY Printer’s audit trial is a tamper protected time log file,that catches the changes related to the Date& Time.

“GLP WAY PRINTER “ exclusively designed to meet Pharmaceutical manufacturing customer’s requirements , listening to their issues and challenges, and finally meeting those challenges with products and services unmatched in quality and functionality.

Unique Important Features:

• Protect your Print Outs from All Unauthorized Date & Time Changes ,Even if your Balance doesn’t have Password Protection.
(even if the Date&Time of Balance is altered whether intentionaly or uninteantionally ,the print out will bear the correct Date & Time only )
• Interface with any Brand Weighing Balance/Scale
• Add (4)Alpha Numeric Identification for your individual weight Data(Eg.: AR No. ,Batch No., Material Name, Material Code,etc)
• Create 40 Users with password or Choose to use without any username & Password.


Key Features

The Key Features incorporated in the GLPWAY Printer helps and ensures the Quality Assurance team & Regulatory Affair’s team that the in house Standard Operating Procedures(SOP’s) are 100% followed every time by every operator.

 The balances are used only after Successfully completing Your Daily routine verification(Calibration) Test(In line with your in house SOP) and Generation of Appropriate documentation .

 None of the users can generate a Print out from balances if they weigh anything less than the Qualified Minimum Weight (in line with your in house SOP).

 In line with the USP General Chapter <1251> guidelines on Types of Weighing and customer’s approved in house SOP, the type of weighing operation for Solid and Liquid will be followed by every user and every time. This unifies the documentation irrespective of the brand of balances and operator. No user can generate a document on their own format.

 Weight Variation Testing

Weight Variation Testing, Built in SQC Application generates documentation inline with USP/WHO/IP requirement,not just only with common statistical parameters such as Average, Standard Deviation ,Minimum ,Maximum and Range but provides set values of –T2,-T1,+T1, +T2 and number of products actually falling against each of them.

Stop scraping your existing & working weighing device just for password protection alone.